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Beautiful Until Proven Ugly    by: Morgan Slade

It will take five seconds to come across these phrases on any given teenagers Instagram account: “you’re flawless, you’re perfect, etc..” We should be proud that our youth are taking the time to compliment one another right? Stop and ponder the compliments given. They identify a socially constructed modern view of OUTWARD beauty. However, I believe we need to change that definition. READ MORE

Keep Calm and Get Organized    by: Rebecca Alwine

The first week of October is Get Organized Week. Those who are already organized are rejoicing at a chance to organize more and those who avoid organization are shrinking away. I’m a relatively organized person. If you ask my husband, I’m a control freak, but I don’t think its that bad. I’ve always found being organized helps me balance a busy lifestyle and ensures I don’t forget anything. Here are my top ways to get and stay organized. READ MORE

My Kaleidoscope Brain    by: Katie Foley

I wake up in the morning. I roll over and pick up my phone and mindlessly tap “I’m Awake” on my FitBit app. I fumble around for my glasses, smudging the lenses horribly, and shove them into my face. Muttering about morning being illegal, I sit up and listen for sounds of the kids. Nine times out of 10, they are up already, no doubt getting into something in the pantry they shouldn’t be eating (like bread smothered in chocolate syrup with marshmallows on top). READ MORE

I Will Drive For the Fun of It    by: Cyndia Rios-Myers

In my daydreams, I could picture myself driving to the beach, to 7/11 for snacks, and to the mall, too. I knew that all I needed was the help of wheels, which would help me command my destiny. But that was 20 years ago. I’ve since gotten licensed, gone to the beach, hit 7/11, and have even hit the malls a few times. Sadly, driving is a bit of a chore now. READ MORE

Ten Steps to Self Love    by: Jeanette Martinez

We all have moments of self doubt and insecurity. Iif you don’t, congratulations. Still, I don’t believe you… Whether it’s pertaining to appearance or personal success, I like to believe I am not alone. With that in mind— I share with you (Dun dun dun…) 10 things you can do to boost your self confidence! READ MORE


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