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 Why I Watch MTV with My Teenager   by: Erin Whitehead

 Honestly, I find most of the programming to be trashy. Just my opinion. If other people like it, no worries… they can watch it to their hearts content. Just not for me, or for my children. READ MORE

My 5 Favorite Online Quizzes   by: Rebecca Alwine

Do you remember the days you took those silly quizzes in magazines? You’d circle the answer that best describes you, then have to add up the points per answer and determine the “Best Eyeshadow for your Personality” or “What Kind of Friend are You?” Luckily, those days are gone. READ MORE

I Miss Home Sweet Home   by: Jeanette Martinez

I am homesick. Not in your typical, I miss the California sun, the sandy beaches and colorful Hollywood characters you meet in the streets. Batman impersonator I’m talking to you. READ MORE

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