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10 Things No One Told You About Losing a Ton of Weight    by: Jodi Vetter

Let me tell you about my weight loss story. I was a high school and collegiate athlete. I lettered in cross country and track. My personal best in the mile is under 6:00 minutes, and I have even gotten medals for placing overall in several 5K races. I was under 100 pounds until my junior year of college. I ate what I wanted, because I would always burn it off. READ MORE

How Separation Saved My Marriage    by: Jeanette Martinez

I always said I’d go, there’s some things I cannot live with, and I refuse to. Today, I realize I gave up too soon. Which isn't to say I never fought for us; I did, for what felt like years. We overcame many challenges together, and quite frankly, I let a lot go. READ MORE


We Can See Scotland From Puerto Rico    by: Cyndia Rios-Myers

 I’m watching and waiting to see what will happen to the impressive country that spawns a wonderful alcoholic beverage, great minds, beautiful scenery, and awesome (different word than awesome, can be more elegant) accents. But I have an ulterior motive. I’m taking notes while thinking of what will happen to the American colony that my parents hail from, Puerto Rico.  READ MORE



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