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The Bullies Around Us    by: EJ Smith

Most of the time when we talk about bullies, we tend to focus our conversation on children. It makes sense—they’re fairly easy to spot. Overt aggression, shunning, and other behaviors are so classic to childhood bullying that they’ve become part of an archetype often represented in our entertainment.  A more recent trend, bullying via social media is still relatively new, and often proves many times more difficult to identify.  But there’s another bullying scenario we hardly ever see talked about anywhere.  READ MORE


The Ride   by: Tammy Ott

We walked up to the station neither of us knowing what to expect. After all, we had never been on a ride like this. It was hard to determine if the screams ahead of us were of terror or excitement. Nevertheless, we held onto each other a little tighter and moved forward. I gazed into the faces of the fellow passengers as we crept forward...kind of like cattle being led to the end. Some faces were filled with excitement; anticipation of the ride ahead. The seasoned veterans were easy to spot out as they had either a look of confidence or a cloudy daze. They faced the ride with total and complete trust or with resigned determination. The first time riders, like us, we're also easy to pick out. Uncertainty. Fear. Excitement...Something unknown was drawing us and we walked on. READ MORE

Meghan Trainor Makes Me Cry    by: Jeanette Martinez

I wasn’t thin growing up, I was always awkwardly taller than most of my classmates and people often pointed this out. My dad had a friend that called me “Jessie, like that “Saved by the Bell” girl”. Get it? Because you’re tall!?” I got it. It was probably meant in good fun but I was 13 and pretty self-conscious so I didn’t appreciate the banter. Sometimes, I think back to how sad I was then and where that sadness stemmed from. I remember once telling my mom I was depressed, she said “Depressed? What do you have to be depressed about?” I felt so unvalidated. READ MORE


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